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We want your kids to have lots of fun! We also want to them to have a safe and friendly experience, so we have some guidelines in place.

Outside of class times, children under fifteen are considered to be under the care of their parents. However, for kids under ten, we have specific requirements.

You will receive an online form via email before the Camp to provide the information and permissions requested below.


Health & Activity form

All parents and guardians will be sent an online health and activities form for all kids and teens under 18. This information will be provided to our Camp First Aid team and tutors where required.



Allergies & Medical Conditions

Please ensure any allergies or medical conditions are noted on the Health & Activity form. 

We encourage the provision of anaphylaxis or asthma management plans. These must be provided to the Camp Office, who will then provide a copy to class tutors. We do not manage medications or provide pain relief.

If you wish to provide further information or have any concerns, please contact us via email at or call 02 6655 9326


& Out

All kids under 10 must be signed in AND out of their classrooms everyday by a parent or guardian aged over 18 years.

Kids will stay in their classroom until they have been signed out.

If a child is collected from a class before the class finish time, the tutor MUST be notified and the child MUST be signed out.



All kids under 10, who will not be spending lunch time with their families at the High School and Primary School have a lunchroom space, with supervised play area. Kids can be signed up for this lunchtime service at the Camp Office, or via the online registration form on the Camp website.

All kids under 12 participating in courses at the Youth Hub must have permission from their parents to leave the Hub during lunchtime. Please confirm this on either the online or enclosed form.


Photos & Video

Please let us know if you would prefer that your child not be included in official Camp photos and video. 

We do use them for Camp publicity, so they may appear on our website, social media and promotional materials. Kids and teens who cannot be included will have a coloured sticker on their name badge to notify photography and video teams. Please ensure they wear their name badge at all times.

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Camp Postponement to 2022

Camp Postponement to 2022

Every year we look forward to bringing together an amazing community of creative people and families – Camp Creative is a time for joy and connection.

However, in light of the ongoing pandemic situation, and after careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to postpone Camp Creative until 10-14 January 2022. 

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