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Drawing Basics

This course is for beginners and those that wish to indulge in drawing!

Whether you have not picked up a pencil in years, or you just what to learn the basics, or need a refresher, this is the course for you! Let’s experiment and explore! We will play with all the different drawing materials we can find and learn how to use them, work out which one you like the best and understand why some work well and some do not!

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Age 14+
Skill Level Beginner
Time slot Whole Day
Status Filling up.
Location Bellingen High School

More about the course

We will explore materials such as pencil, pen and ink, graphite, conte, pastels, coloured pencil. We will also explore a range of surfaces to draw on.  We will learn techniques such as blending, broken colour, cross hatching, frottage, wash brush, stippling. We will look at artistic concepts that will empower you to critic your own work and know how to improve it. Tools, themes and processes will also be demonstrated and tried. Drawing participants will enhance their understanding and meaning of the term Drawing by observing, interpreting, creating and expressing the world through the visual illusions that drawings create. If you do not know where to start, this is it!!


Jackie Lee

Jackie Lee

Jackie is an experienced art practitioner and teacher. She was educated in the visual arts at the renowned City Art Institute (formerly School of Arts, Alexander Mackie College), Sydney. Jackie combines her love of art with her love of teaching and believes that everyone has the potential to become an art practitioner. Now Jackie brings her diverse range of artistic skills to Camp Creative. Along with drawing, Jackie is experienced in acrylic painting, printmaking, sculpture, black and white wet photography, and mixed media. Prepare to be inspired by Jackie’s enthusiasm!

Course Requirements

Drawing Basics Materials List

1 x A4 Visual Art Diary

1 x A3 pad of papers (see an art supplier)


Craft blade

Various erasers


Glue stick


Lead pencils grade:  HB  2B  4B  6B 

Charcoal: willow and/or compressed

Paper towel / old cloth

Masking tape

Bulldog clips

Drawing board ( MDF 6mm is great and cheap)

EG: 900 x 600 x 6mm MDF from Bunnings is under $7. This can be cut in half.

Any colour pencils, pastels, crayons, inks you already have.

Several thin paint brushes

Spray fixative (optional)

Artline markers: thin line, mid line, thick line: several of each size

Art papers: select a variety from your local art supplier. Expect to use a lot!

Anything else you think may be useful!

Pictures / prints / books of images you are interested in either subject or technique


Note: The A4 and A3 pads need to be cartridge paper

Poor quality paper impacts the drawing quality.


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