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Moroccan Music & Dance  NEW

The voices of women from North Africa have a powerful story to tell.

The voices of women from North Africa have a powerful story to tell. Lala Tamar leads women from across oceans on a journey that brings together the ancient wisdom of the Atlas mountains through movement, groove, voice and Henna body art. Start with movement and the awareness of the breath. Look at North African tribal dance, working on the natural movement of the body and using the body weight as the base of motion. Movement and dance will be transformed through singing traditional songs, rhythms and scales from the Moroccan tradition. You’ll learn the art of traditional henna painting as you celebrate your time in this vibrant culture.

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Age 16+
Skill Level Everyone
Time slot Whole Day
Status Available.
Location St Andrew's Uniting Church

More about the course

Every day will begin with:

Morning grounding warm up -  deep work with the awareness of the body, the weight and the breath, slowly rising up on the feet using our natural weight and starting with dance traditional north African tribal movements. finishing with learning different combinations of dance from this folk lore.

Mid day singing - using the base of the awareness of the breath from the morning practice we will start with a vocal warm up to deepen the understanding of our voice.

After the warm up we will learn traditional songs from the north African heritage, understanding the rhythms and the Nubas (scales) on which they are based. Finishing with singing all together as a tribal singing and experiencing a little bit of improvisation in circle.

Finishing the day with a more quiet space we will learn the basic patterns which creates the henna body art and the meanings behind these patterns. Practicing the techniques first on paper before drawing on our bodies.

Bringing all that we have learned together during the course, on the final day we will perform with an arranged traditional Henna ceremony combining dance, singing and henna art.

For inspiration click on these you tube links.




Please feel free to email Tamar on tamaribloch@gmail.com if you have any questions.




Tamar Bloch

Tamar Bloch

Lala Tamar is a world-class singer who comes from a deep-rooted Moroccan musical heritage, recreating ancient women hymns from the Jewish-Arabic traditions of North Africa. Tamar, born in Israel to Brazilian/ Moroccan parents has toured extensively around the world. She currently teaches in Dunia Conservatorium for Middle Eastern Music in Jerusalem and works with renowned Israeli choreographer Orly Portal in major dance productions.  

Course Requirements

Henna Cones and Zills (finger cymbals) which can be purchased from Tamar for $20

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