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Camp Creative is a unique summer school, retreat and creative community that annually springs up for one vibrant week in January.

Join a course of your choice over five days - paint on canvasget drumming, watch your kids discover their inner actor, release your singing voice, write your life story, dance the streets in a flash mobphotograph people and events in the moment or get hands-on with a hammer and chisel. Plus so much more!

Take the opportunity to try something new, or to extend and expand your skills. You could also have a family holiday experience - there’s a range of hands-on courses for kids and teens.

Join a community of 1,000 interesting and like-minded people. Camp Creative isn't just about learning - it's also a place to socialise and enjoy performance and exhibition events.

All in the beautiful and quirky rural town of Bellingen, where a country town vibe meets a unique alternative culture.

Courses are filling fast!

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People Happied - Bellbottom Magazine

People Happied - Bellbottom Magazine

Terry Stapleton is a great ambassador for Camp Creative and the instrument he loves to teach - the ukulele.

This month he had a feature interview in Bellbottom magazine.

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