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Camp Creative is a unique summer school, retreat and creative community that annually springs up for one vibrant week in January.

It's a week of workshops in art, music, dance, craft, singing, photography, writing, drama, lifestyle & wellbeing. The Camp is for all ages, from kids 5+ to adults. There’s a range of courses for kids and teens.

There's also live performances, street party and open mic night.

Join a course of your choice over five days - paint on canvasget drumming, watch your kids discover their inner actor, release your singing voicewrite your life story, dance the streets in a flash mobphotograph people and events in the moment or get hands-on with a hammer and chisel. Plus so much more!

It all takes place in the quirky town of Bellingen, where rural living meets an alternative vibe.

Get ready for 2022!

2022 Camp courses will be launched for enrolments on July 1 2021. Until then, you can check out our 2020 program and subscribe to our e-newsletter for updates.


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2021 Creative Awards

2021 Creative Awards

Congratulations to our 2021 Camp Creative award winners!
Every year Camp Creative gives out awards to local students nominated for their achievements in music and writing.

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