2017 bookings are closed now but you can check out what they were here!

What is camp creative?

Camp Creative is a summer camp for families and individuals, a fun learning event where you mix with people of widely differing interests and ages in a relaxing and creative atmosphere.

it’s all about imagination, innovation and enjoyment.

It’s takes place in the creative town of Bellingen in NSW at the start of the new year.

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Bookings open for Camp Creative 2018 on July 1, 2017

Urban Sketching; Art Journaling; Acrylics; Solar Etching; Drawing; Pastels; Chinese Brush Painting...

Ballroom dancing, Bollywood,

Cuban, Irish and African drumming;Orchestral; Guitar; Ukulele; Waltons Wizards.....

Fiction writing

Sewing; Indigenous Weaving; Polymer clay; Fibre paper making; Build a Canoe; Indigo & plant dyeing;Bush Furniture.........

Drama; Hoopacraftarama; Film Making; Sonic Mayhem; Hip Hop; Photography; Zap Academy; Circus; Writing...

Landscape Photography; Creative DSLR Photography

Herbs & Naturopathy; Creative your own wellbeing

Joy of Singing, Savvy Singers, Your true voice-Singing, Sound, Expression.......


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Thank you to everyone in our Camp Creative family

Thank you to everyone in our Camp Creative family

Thank you for a wonderful week of fun, laughter, creativity, discovery, enthusiasm, inspiration and friendship. It was wonderful to see everyone having so much fun. You will receive your survey link soon. Please let us know what you liked, didn't like and any suggestions for 2018. We value your opinion. I hope your 2017 is as awesome for you as this week has been!


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What is Camp Creative?